Ron Paul isn’t a racist…








Oh. really. now? Are. you. sure?

I like how so many Ron Paul supporters think that one black guy saying that Ron Paul is not a racist instantly absolves him of any responsibility of having racially inflammatory things published in his name. 

That’s like having a black friend and claiming that you can’t be racist after that. Which sadly isn’t that rare among cracker spawn. 

“Cracker spawn”

On a post about how racist Ron Paul is.

Hahahahhahahah really?

You must be a cracker. You also must be new. Hi, I’m Michael! I’m Mexican and White and I think that crackers are white people who are up their own ass with their whiteness. How are you today?

I am a cracker. I’m actually not new at all. Hi, I’m Brandon! Nice to meet you. I’m caucasian and caucasian and I think that since “cracker” is a derogatory term geared specifically toward white people, its racist. I’m a cracker, I dont give a fuck if you call me that. Feel free. It’s racist though, or at least that’s my opinion. I’m actually pretty decent, I just got off work and snagged a sub from subway, how about yourself?

Any degradation this may cause among honkies is negligible. When you are a member of the dominant race in this country, you are bound to draw criticism and resistance from minority peoples. But getting bent out of shape over cracker, when I specifically geared it towards white people who are uncomfortable or unaware of their whiteness? That’s being a cracker dude, stop being a cracker. It’s not racist because it does not degrade a whole race of people and it used against the most powerful group in the nation that makes most major decisions in every facet of life in this country. 

You may think calling some white people crackers makes me equivalent to these guys

But it really makes me more like this


Alrighty let me establish a baseline here. I didn’t get bent over “cracker”. I told you feel free to call me a cracker, I don’t give a fuck. What exactly is the requirement to be a “cracker”? Do I have to be uncomfortable or unaware of the fact that I’m white? If thats the case, you’ve just misused your own terminology, because I’m neither. So it’s okay to call white people crackers because whites are the “dominant race”? So if blacks become the dominant race I can call any black person in control a nigger? Or if latinos happen to be in charge down the road, I can call any powerful latino a “spic” or a “wetback”? I kinda sorta disagree. I’m sorry bud. I hope I haven’t offended anyone with the slurs, I’m simply trying to make a piont. 

Oh, and comparing yourself to Odeh? Very modest. It offsets the small amount of legitimacy your post had in the first place.  

All I was trying to do was voice my opinion. I wasn’t offended at your use of the word “cracker”, I couldn’t give a fuck less, but you can’t tell me it isn’t a racist term. Well, actually you can, I just disagree. The magic of different viewpoints. 

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